BA, mini-omnium, full-omnium,… How do you make the right choice?

You just bought a new car. Congratulations! Not sure which type of insurance to choose? Do not panic! Insurance experts explain it to you.

First and foremost, what does the law say?

If you want to take the car on the road, you must insure it with civil liability insurance, in short BA. This insurance covers all material and physical damage that a third party may incur if you cause an accident.

An example: your working day is over, and you still have to go to the supermarket quickly because your offspring are waiting for dinner. In your haste, you did not notice the cyclist next to your car, and when you turn to enter the parking lot of the supermarket, your car hits the front wheel of the bicycle. The cyclist falls. In a panic, you jump out of your car, luckily the damage is not too bad, but the cyclist is slightly injured. You call an ambulance to take the cyclist to the hospital. The police arrive at the scene and prepare a report. You add this PV to your declaration to your insurer. Your insurance will reimburse the damage to the other party, both for the damage to the bicycle and for the medical costs of the cyclist.

What about the damage to your own car?

There is a big dent in the door on the passenger side of your car. If you only have third-party insurance, you will have to pay for the repair costs yourself. These can, of course, add up. To reimburse these costs, you need full comprehensive insurance. The full omnium covers your own damage to your vehicle, even if you are at fault. Damage as a result of a hit-and-run is also covered in a full comprehensive package, but damage due to vandalism is not covered in all policies.

What is the difference with a mini omnium?

A mini-comprehensive insurance policy covers damage caused by fire, (attempted) theft, damage caused by natural disasters, broken glass and collision with an animal. Therefore, this formula is more extensive than a BA insurance but not as complete as a full comprehensive insurance.

The full comprehensive insurance thus offers the broadest protection. When do I opt for a full or mini comprehensive insurance policy, and when do I only opt for BA insurance?

Everything depends on the age of your car. Has your car just come out of the garage? In that case, a full omnium is certainly recommended up to the age of 4 to 5 years. After all, your car is worth the most during this period.

Usually, after this period, your car is paid off, if you have borrowed for this, and you can switch to a mini-omnium. If your car is older than 10 years, the value is still very limited, and it is usually sufficient to only take out third-party insurance.

Don’t forget your legal aid! This additional insurance ensures that you can use this insurance to defend your interests if you do not agree with the opposing party’s position. The costs of, among other things, your lawyer are reimbursed by this insurance, in accordance with the provisions in the general terms and conditions.

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