Bad habits of the poor

Many people consider themselves very poor but do not notice that they are to blame for being in this state. There is a term “genetic poverty,” which means that a person’s thoughts and psychological barriers program him for lack of money.

We talk about the bad habit of the poor, which we urgently need to get rid of!

8 bad habits of the poor

1. Always looking for someone to blame

A poor man will never admit that he is to blame for his situation, and he will blame the boss, colleagues, or the system, rather than admitting his defeat. “I would have become rich long ago if it weren’t for THEM” and “I can’t do anything at all, everything interferes with me” – such thoughts lead to failure.

2. Procrastinate

A person who thinks as a poor person will procrastinate until the very last moment in any matter. This leads to more enterprising people taking up and doing what the poor person could never dare to do and snatching up the big score. The one who dares to implement his ideas, rather than putting them off until tomorrow, always wins.

3. Don’t take risks

Those who consider themselves poor are more likely to prefer a small but stable income. The poor live paycheck to paycheck, choosing this lifestyle to risk. But justified risk can bring a tangible reward!

4. Want to study for free

Such people are often subscribed to many free seminars and training but do not listen to them. The poor man thinks he is developing, but this is just an illusion. The goal of any training is to learn something new, but this goal cannot be achieved without a mentor and live communication with him.

5. Do not pay others for their work

Poor-minded people prefer to receive services and goods for free. When they download a movie, music, or book from a free source, they do not realize they are stealing from their authors. Remember, any work must be paid in full!

6. Feel sorry for themselves

They think their whole life is a cause for regret. Wrong country, wrong family, wrong education or job – such excuses are made by the poor to justify their situation. But you can’t make money out of pity!

7. Pay attention to the opinions of others

It has long been noticed that successful people do not depend on other people’s opinions. And the poor spend a lot of energy and time maintaining their good image in the eyes of others, who, as a rule, are more successful. Such a comparison is not helpful and only creates more reasons for complaining and whining about their fate.

8. Wasting their money

The purpose of the poor is to earn money and spend it, and they prefer the satisfaction of momentary desires to the accumulation of funds. But the person who competently manages his income and invests it in a profitable business becomes rich.
Look for short-term gains in everything

They are not eager to learn new things, do not look to the future, and want to have everything at once. A person who thinks like a poor person may be compared to a peasant who eats all his supplies in winter without thinking about what he will sow in spring. Such a consumerist attitude to life does not lead to anything good and certainly does not contribute to the accumulation of money

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