‘Bank robber’ shows off loot on social media and runs into the light

A not too smart bank robber in America ran into a foolish way. The bank employee took a total of $88,000 unseen from a vault over a more extended period, but then proudly posed with the loot on his Facebook and Instagram profiles.

The employee from Charlotte, North Carolina, has since been arrested by the police. Indeed, no long research was needed. The man richly and shamelessly shared his luxury with his followers on social media. For example, he was posing proudly and on expensive clothes with an impressive stack of banknotes in his hand and sitting on the hood of an expensive Mercedes.

Bank employee Arlando Henderson (29) is now suspected of having stolen money from a bank vault at least 18 times in the past year. Besides, he is said to have committed fraud to be able to buy a car. He made a down payment of $20,000 in cash for a Mercedes and forged documents to qualify for a loan for the remainder of the purchase amount.

Vault Guard

Court documents show that Henderson was hired by the Wells Fargo bank in April 2019 to guard the vault. The man then started stealing money that had been deposited by customers. In the beginning, he was still relatively modest and still took a few hundred dollars with him. Later on, he apparently got confidence in it because, on July 15, he grabbed at once more than 13,000 dollars from the vault.

To disguise his nasty deeds, Henderson forged the bank’s records and destroyed documents. Vault guard Henderson not only stole money, in his spare time he was a rapper and performed under the name Aceey4oez.

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