Beijing holds the first China-Africa forum on defense and security

The China-Africa Forum on Defense and Security started in Beijing this Tuesday, June 26.

The first forum of its kind, it illustrates the growing influence of China in Africa, including the now militarily.

Sell ​​arms, train soldiers, finance armies: China does not hide it, the China-Africa Forum on Defense and Security, organized by the Chinese Ministry of Defense, aims to strengthen military ties with Africa.

For 15 days, Chinese and African Defense officials will exchange in Beijing on topics such as regional security or Sino-African cooperation on security.

African leaders will also be invited to demonstrations of Chinese armies. A good way to build strong links with African military who are already regularly invited by China to technical training, entirely financed by Beijing.

One more element in a strategy of Chinese influence in Africa, which involves both investments in infrastructure, and increasingly, military links.

In 2017, China inaugurated its first military base on the African continent, in Djibouti.

China is also a major player in arms sales in Africa, not hesitating to offer arms as gifts to friendly, democratic or dictatorial countries.

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