Being blind does not deprive me of taking care of my baby

A blind woman named Smangele Dhladhla who lives in Soweto, South Africa, and who has a one-year-old girl and also dating a blind man, revealed in an interview that she doesn’t need her two eyes open, before taking good care of her baby.

The blind woman who christened his daughter “Katekani”, which means “blessing”, said that on the first day of her visit to the clinic to confirm her pregnancy, she was asked if she had been raped.

In respond to the questions, she said; “I’m blind but I’m not stupid. I need hands, ears and a nose to do my job as a mother,” it sounds. Adding that “I am human too.” But further revealed that she has “feelings and I have a boyfriend. He is also blind.”

Smangele, who is a goalkeeper from the Roodepoort Western Gauteng team, a game specially designed for visually impaired athletes, started playing at the reserve three years ago.

The players compete in teams of three and try to throw a ball containing bells in the nets of the opponent. The ball is thrown by hand and never kicks.

“At first, I did not take it seriously, but then did some testing. They were looking for players to represent South Africa at the Paraplegic Games. I was not selected but coach Phillip Williams noticed my qualities as a player.”

“Now I’m the captain of the team and I play center,” she said.

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