Better late than never: Prince Philip finally says sorry for autocrash

Better late than never, you should think. The British Prince Philip (97) finally apologized for the car accident he caused last week. This is evident from a letter from the Prince to the victim, Emma Fairweather.

In the letter of January 21, four days after the accident, Philip says sorry to Emma. “I am very sorry for my part in the accident,” he begins his writing. “I was very shocked after the accident, but I am glad that nobody has been seriously injured. Afterwards I heard that you had a broken arm, I’m so sorry,” says Philip.

The prince also indicates in his letter why it went wrong. “It was a clear summer day and the sun was low,” Philip begins. “I know the intersection well and know how much traffic normally passes. Normally I see all the other traffic just arriving, but in this case, I really did not see the car.”

In person

“I wish you a prosperous recovery after this stressful experience”, Philip concludes. In conversation with the Sunday Mirror about the letter, which arrived on the mat on January 23, Emma said she was happy with the (somewhat late) excuse of the prince.

“I really liked that he just finished with ‘Philip’, instead of his formal title. I was pleasantly surprised by that personal touch.”

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