Beyoncé blows out 40 candles: what will the singer do in the future?

Have a career at 40 as a singer, actress, filmmaker, and businesswoman. Not many women have it on their resume, but for Beyoncé, it’s pure reality.

This weekend, the pop icon can blow out 40 candles. But also, in the second half of her life, the singer continues to pop. She will release new music, and she also wants to remain active in the business world. Her wish for the future is to keep doing everything everyone else thinks she can’t do.

When Beyoncé released her first single, ‘Crazy In Love’ in 2003, everyone was blown away by the insane success. Radio stations couldn’t get enough of it, and young girls sang the “uh oh” worldwide.

The tone was set because the singer released numerous hits in the past twenty years, just think of ‘Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)’, ‘Run the World (Girls)’ and ‘If I Were a Boy’. And before her solo career, she also scored with the girl group Destiny’s Child. She also made her mark in the film world, with roles in ‘The Pink Panther’ and ‘The Lion King’.

Despite everything, the American apparently still had time left in her busy schedule because she is also a real businesswoman.

In 2010, she founded her own entertainment company and had her own clothing line. The star combines all this with maintaining her relationship because she married Jay-Z (51) for thirteen years.

Couple who expose infidelities, lovers, and apologies in their songs
Beyonce (40) and Jay-Z (51)

The two have a daughter Blue Ivy Carter (9) together and twins Sir Carter and Rumi Carter (4). Beyonce’s busy schedule does pay off because the celebrity is already worth around 500 million dollars.

Beyonce and twins Sir Carter and Rumi Carter (4)
Beyonce and twins Sir Carter and Rumi Carter (4)

Future plans

With her well-fed bank account, Queen B could safely retire at 40, but quitting is clearly not in her dictionary.

Often a global star’s career dives once they hit the 40-year mark, but Beyoncé still has plenty of plans. “New music is coming soon,” she recently told Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

She did not share much about this yet, but it is clear that the singer wants to continue impacting. “I’ve done so much in 40 years that I just want to enjoy my life. But I will not stop working. I want to continue to dismantle imbalances in our society.”

In addition, she also wants to remain active in the business world and establish connections with companies that are independent of music.

The singer also said that she has learned in recent years that she must keep dreaming. “My wish for the future is to keep doing everything everyone else thinks I can’t do.”

She also hopes that her life is filled with freedom and joy. “I want to feel the same freedom that I feel every day of my life on stage. I want to explore aspects of myself, I haven’t had enough time yet to discover the world and enjoy my husband and my children. I want to travel without working. I want to give all my love to the people who love me.”

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