This is why Jay-Z doesn’t want anything more to do with Kanye West

Once again, Kanye West (43) said on Twitter: he misses his good friend Jay-Z with whom he turned the rap world upside down in 2011. However, that friendship no longer exists on Jay-Z’s side. At the same time, West still sees him as the ideal running mate in the US presidential election.

It’s bitter seriousness. Kanye West takes a throw at the presidency of the United States, and the first meeting was peculiar. He appeared in a bulletproof vest, had the figures’ 2020’ shaved in his hair, and lost himself in a hysterical cry over abortion. Some attendees left outraged after West had stated in the same speech that the American heroine Harriet Tubman had not freed any slaves at all.

Before this speech, West already shouted that his former companion Jay-Z would be the ideal running mate for him. In conversation with radio station Z97 Jamz, he praised Shawn Carter, as the rapper is actually called. But that, he was utterly unaware of Kanye’s plans, West was able to explain in the same conversation: the two of them haven’t been in contact for nine years.

Kanye’s Mentor

And it started off so promising between those two in 2001. Jay-Z is then about eight years older than West and a kind of mentor for the enfant terrible. West can be heard on several songs from Jay-Z’s album ‘The Blueprint’. After that, many more successful collaborations follow, among others, on Rihanna’s hit ‘Run This Town’.

Pupil and mentor come on equal footing and decide to join forces in a kind of superband. In 2010 they recorded the studio album ‘Watch The Trone’ together, and with it, they write rap history. Together they go on tour through North America with rave reviews as a result. Comedian Chris Rock even calls it the best show he has ever seen. “This is the equivalent of the Billy Joel-Elton John tour, but they did it in 1979 when all their songs were popular.”


Together they had conquered the world, but West’s character also causes him to slowly lose his best friend and mentor. In a podcast by Elliott Wilson and Brian Miller, Jay-Z frankly talks about the breakup. West had insulted Beyoncé, Jay-Z’s wife, during one of his infamous tirades. He called her a diva and told her about their children, who had never played together.

That was the straw that made Jay-Z’s bucket overflow. “In the past, we’ve been over bigger arguments. But you’ve got my family involved now, so you’ve got a problem with me. That’s really, really a problem. And he knows it’s a problem. He knows he’s crossed the line.”

From that moment on, there has been no more contact between the two successful artists. Jay-Z chose his own way and made music only sporadically. Occasionally he collaborated with other artists, but he focused mainly on his record label.

West scored many hits, but Kim Kardashian’s man has mastered the news with his explosive character. And with his political ambitions. He called his own party the Birthday Party (‘because if I win, it’s a birthday for everyone’). But that party doesn’t have an organization or a clear program. And a running mate is a long way off.

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