Bill on Polygamy adopted: Guineans may marry up to 4 women

In Guinea, the adoption of the Civil Code by MPs in its article on polygamy continues to make headlines. From now on, Guineans could marry up to 4 women without being worried by justice.

The deputies adopted the bill, which will then have to be promulgated by President Alpha Condé. In Guinea, polygamy is practiced unofficially, since the 1983 Civil Code still in force in the country prohibits it.

Idiatou Camara, an activist in the West African network of young women leaders, believes that polygamy is a source of many problems in homes. It is mainly the disagreement between children, the unhealthy rivalry between co-wives and the tensions related to inheritance.

In Guinea, women are mostly opposed to this decision, even though some legislators believe that it was time to adapt the law to the Guinean social context since society remains highly influenced by customs and tradition. Advocates of polygamy and polygamists themselves welcome this decision, which some people believe that female competition in the home can only be beneficial.

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