Bird Box Challenge: Blindfolded while driving, predictable result

After Netflix, the police of the American state of Utah are now also warning about the ‘Bird Box Challenge’. A 17-year-old driver crashed into another car on Monday, after she took part in the challenge and covered her eyes while driving. As if by miracle, everyone involved got rid of it without injuries.

The 17-year-old teenager caused a car accident in Layton, in the US state of Utah, on Monday, because she wanted to try out the ‘Bird Box Challenge’, a challenge created in honour of the eponymous horror movie on Netflix. The driver pulled her hat over her eyes while driving, crashing her into another vehicle, CNN said.

According to the police, the teenager first lost control of her car, after which she slipped on the other track section and collided with another car. Then she was still driving against a lighting pole. No one was injured.

“Bird Box Challenge while driving … Predictable result”, writes the police on Twitter.

‘Bird Box’
Netflix urged its viewers earlier this month not to participate in the ‘Bird Box Challenge’. In the challenge, participants go blindfolded on stage. They are inspired by the eponymous film with Sandra Bullock, in which the characters use a blindfold to protect themselves against a mysterious entity that encourages people to commit suicide.

CNN, Twitter
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