Born the same day in the same hospital and married 23 years later

James and Amy arrived at the same hospital in Lancashire, England on the same day, with a few hours difference in the world. 23 years later, they married each other. Today they both work as doctors in the same hospital.

James Barsby was born in 1995, along with his twin brother Christian. Five and a half hours later it was Amy’s turn and her twin brother William, also at Blackburn’s Queen’s Park Hospital in Lancashire. No one could have imagined that James and Amy would marry 23 years later. Not even their parents, who had met at a prenatal course before the lovebirds were born.

J ames and Amy grew up in Clitheroe, a few miles from each other. They only knew each other from school. The love spark didn’t pass until they took a science course together. They started dating in 2011 and married seven years later at St. Peter’s Church in Salesbury.

A few days before James and Amy retired as medical students at the University of Manchester and at Lancaster respectively. Master of ceremonies at the wedding was Amy’s twin brother William. The two brothers of James – twin half Christian and Oliver – were his witnesses.

The couple now also work together in the same hospital. “How big is that chance,” James changes his mind. He is not alone.

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