Born without arms, Linda Bannon and her son do almost everything alone (Video)

Born without arms, Linda Bannon gives birth, in turn, a first son without arms too: Timmy Bannon.

But as surprising as it sounds mother and son have an almost normal life, they are autonomous as you see in this video: they brush their own teeth, eat unassisted, write without help and swim naturally in the family pool.

Linda, who is a beautiful married woman, makes up herself. She can cook, dress her son. Even though she certainly needs her husband to dress her up, but she does. In addition, both can open the fridge to take out a food. Of course, for some things, they need assistance. But overall, they remain autonomous.

The games have been adapted to Timmy’s conditions and so he can play quietly. Besides, he does not pity himself, nor his mother. To this end, he says: “I am like any other child, just like any other child”. In other words, little Timmy does not feel diminished by his birth disability.

Linda and Timmy actually have a rare condition called Holt-Oram syndrome. A disease that involves heart problems. Its probability of occurrence is 1 person per 100,000 people.

When Linda became pregnant, the doctors warned her that her son will inherit his illness. Some have even suggested ending this pregnancy. But she preferred to keep her son with the same handicap.

By the way, just born, the problems began. After 10 days an operation. The boy’s life is not so easy, but his mother hopes he will be happy. Richard Bannon loves and assists his wife and son.

“Being born without arms did not, in my opinion, have much influence on my life because I never really thought, growing up, that I was different from other children,” Linda says to Barcoft Tv.

Watch how they move on this video below

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