Bowo (18) unharmed after falling into a 27 meter deep well

Indonesian teenager Bowo Triantoro (18) is looking for his slippers when he falls into a well in a factory. He dives down 27 meters but survives due to the attentiveness of one of the workers.

Bowo Triantoro walks around a small factory in Semarang City, a city in Indonesia, on October 29. The teenager falls into a well at the back of the factory. He later states that he “was looking for his slippers,” and so he fell. An attentive worker hears the splash in the water. Bowo immediately cries out for help.

When the rescuers arrive on the scene, it takes another half hour to free the teen. In the meantime, one of them descends with supplemental oxygen. Bowo is attached to the rescuer’s armor, and with all their might, bystanders lift the boy up again.

Miraculously, Bowo has no serious injuries. He is brought home with a few scratches. “The boy was very lucky. If one of the workers had not notified us in time, he might have suffocated from the lack of oxygen in the well,” said one of the rescue workers.

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