Boy (14) died and dump in Mediterranean sea, dad sends him to Spain via canoe

In Senegal, a man had paid for his 14-year-old son’s trip so that the latter could embark in a canoe towards Europe via the Mediterranean Sea, for illegal emigration was arrested.

Senegal awoke on Wednesday 11 November 2020 in dismay after the Libération newspaper announced the arrest of a man accused of having paid for his son’s journey, aged just fourteen, to enter Europe via clandestine channels.

Doudou Faye, the 14-year-old child who died in the Mediterranean
Doudou Faye, the 14-year-old child who died in the Mediterranean

In fact, the man subscribed to the services of smugglers, particularly pirogue boats, so that his son, Doudou Faye, could take part in these clandestine journeys, aboard makeshift boats, to emigrate to Europe. Misfortune has taken its toll since the child in question couldn’t reach his destination.

Like many supporters of illegal emigration, the fourteen-year-old fell ill during the crossing before passing away in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. His condition worsens, and could not be saved after some tried to keep him alive. The child’s corpse was dumped in the Mediterranean Sea


Doudou Faye, 14 years old, is gone! Libération confirms that his father, Mamadou Lamine Faye, took him in this pirogue to Spain. The father was arrested Tuesday and placed in custody at the Research Brigade in Mbour (85 km from Dakar).

Mamadou Lamine Faye is being prosecuted for manslaughter and conspiracy in illegal emigration. The newspaper states that the man had managed to deceive his wife’s vigilance before handing over her son to smugglers. Who were to smuggle him to Spain.

The smugglers, who were formally identified, fled. They are being actively sought by the Mbour Research Brigade.

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