Brazil: Do Brazilians want to elect a prisoner? Discover why

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva, who is serving a 12-year prison sentence for corruption, earns five points in the voting intentions for the October election of which he will be the favorite if he is allowed to run for another term, according to a poll released Monday – RASILIA (Reuters)

The leader of the group, who will probably be declared ineligible, is credited with 37.3% of the votes by the CNT/MDA institute. In May, the same institute was 32.4%.

His closest opponent, far right candidate Jair Bolsonaro, is nineteen points with 18.3%.

Then comes the ecologist Marina Silva with 5.6% and the liberal Geraldo Alckmin with 4.9%.

The investigation, the first of its kind since the submission of applications, does not measure the balance of power in the absence of Lula, who is imprisoned since April.

It was carried out from August 15 to 18 at 2,002 people and its margin of error is estimated at 2.2%.

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