Brazilian disguises himself as his mother to take driving test

Was it the nerves that bothered her? The fact is that Maria (60) had already been admitted three times to her practical driving test. To correct that setback, her son Heitor Schiave (43) found nothing better than dressing up as a woman and taking her place.

Deserving attempt, but the Brazilian from Porto Velho mercilessly fell. The images below show how he got out of the car while awaiting the arrival of the police. Beautiful make-up, nails painted red, a blouse with a floral motif, and a long skirt: the car mechanic certainly did his stinking best to look as feminine as possible.

For a moment, he even seemed to get away with it. “I didn’t realize at the beginning,” says examiner Aline Mendonça. “He was my sixth candidate of the day, and I was a bit scattered.”

High voice

But then Schiave had to start talking… “His high voice sounded very strange and those big hands didn’t look normal either. This had to be a man, even though he did his best not to stand out, and his makeup was pretty well done.”

Mendonça asked the driver to present his identity card. “He was clearly not the person who should have been in the car next to me. Of course, I called the police, because this was a crime. The level of success is high with us, and they should not think that they can just fool us.”


Schiave received the necessary compliments on social media. “He did it out of love. I would dare to do that for my mother too,” it sounded to some. Others pointed to the dangers, because “someone who fails three times certainly does not belong on the road”.

The man now has to answer for identity fraud, among other things. While awaiting trial, he was released on bail.

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