British variant of Covid-19 extends to 70 countries WHO says

The World Health Organisation has found that the coronavirus variant discovered in the UK has so far been found in 70 countries and the South African variant in 31 countries.

A total of 70 countries have found the British strain of the coronavirus on their soil, according to data for 25 January. This is an increase of 10 states compared to 12 January, the WHO said in a weekly epidemiological review.

The South African variant has spread to 31 countries and territories, an increase of eight compared to the previous assessment, the institution continued.

According to a study by the UK Office for National Statistics, people infected with the variant first discovered in London and south-east England are less likely to experience loss of smell or taste as a symptom.

Other symptoms are more likely to be cough, sore throat, fatigue, and fever.

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