Britons laugh a break with auto crash of Prince Philip

The British Prince Philip is the talk of the day on social media. The 97-year-old husband of Queen Elizabeth stepped out of his overturned car unharmed, Thursday after a major collision and that led to a lot of jokes on the internet.

“No wonder that there are Pacific islands that worship him as a God”, according to a twitterer, who refers to a tribe on the Oceanic archipelago Vanuatu that honours Philip as god. Films were also published online in which the prince, as superhero Ironman, gets out of the fire. Others joked that the accident was a metaphor for the Brexit. The palace and the much-plagued Prime Minister Theresa May would have conspired to get the Brexit from the front pages of the newspapers.

But not everyone sees the humour of it. “Really? With everything that plays in this country, the BBC thinks it is appropriate to open the news with the message that Prince Philip has a dent in his car, and then only talk about Brexit. Priorities?”, An outraged woman tweets. Comparisons were also made with the life-threatening challenge created by the Netflix film Bird Box, where someone goes blindfolded in traffic. In addition, there was a heated photoshop with images of a blindfolded Philip.

Queen Elizabeth was not forgotten in the reactions. There was a lot of fantasies about the conversation that the two would have with each other at Sandringham. Someone placed a picture with the prince behind the wheel and the Queen talking to him through the open window. “Philip, you killed our no-claim discount,” it says.

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