Britons receive a symbolic Brexit currency

In honour of the Brexit, a personalized 50 pence coin will be introduced, according to the reports of the British newspaper ‘The Sun’. The coin with the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and a heptagonal shape will be available from March 29, the day the British officially leave the EU.

The coin with a value of 50 pence will carry the inscription “Friendship with all nations”. It is not the first time that the British do such a thing. Also, on the occasion of the EU presidency and the joining of the European Economic Community, a 50 pence coin was made to measure.

BBC expects to announce this today during the speech by Minister of Finance Philip Hammond on the budget. The vote on the reformed budget this afternoon could be a test of strength with the Northern Irish Protestant government party DUP, which had threatened to vote against it because of the differences in the Brexit negotiations. Prime Minister Theresa May and her conservatives, with the help of their small majority, still need the votes of the DUP.

The speech starts at 4.30 pm local time.

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