Bubal tribe: a tribe of bad dancers with giant testicles

Among all the peoples living in Africa, you can find a tribe of bad dancers. The Bubal tribe is among the race because of the certain prominent parts of the body in men.

Such African tribes have features of appearance associated with their ancestral traditions, unique in their eccentricity but hindrances in performing some duties.

The incredible size of the scrotum of men of the Bubal tribe is the result of strange rituals. And although they believe that adding a cow’s discharge in their food increases immunity, such food “addictions” only worsen people’s health.

Among the people, you can often hear the phrase: ‘Something interferes with a bad dancer’. However, this cannot say about African nomads with an unconventional appearance. Men are more surprised. Women are also far from the traditional world views of the beauty of humanity.

The Bubal tribe surprises with its traditions and rituals. In South Africa, “Bubal” is a family of antelope; but the Bubal tribe lives in Kenya and Somalia’s desert lands.

Features of men of the Bubal tribe

1. Anomalies

Bubal tribe: a tribe of bad dancers with giant testicles

Men were mumbling; perhaps, one can envy. Their testes at puberty acquire enormous sizes – up to 80cm in diameter. Such large amounts might be obtained from the unconventional diet that the tribe practices. Boys from an early age begin to consume the discharge of cows for food. They believe that this will help them from diseases such as scurvy, rickets, and leukemia. Their photos do not convince many. Often, readers find the tribe unhealthy from the very first glance at them.

Males also believe that by licking the genitals of cows, they become more courageous and more vigorous each time. And this procedure will help the cow to give birth easier.

Specific diet or genetic abnormality

Bubal tribe: a tribe of bad dancers with giant testicles

Many travelers noted that members of this tribe suffer from diseases, despite consuming vitamin-rich food in a cow’s menstrual blood. It is widely believed that specific nutrition caused an abnormality in the size of the scrotum, causing Brugia Malayi disease. It occurs after the parasitic nematode worm penetrates the human body, instantly affecting the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

There is a stagnation of lymph in the body, which causes another disease – elephantiasis, from which there is a substantial expansion of the affected area of the skin. A specific species of mosquito carry the parasite, probably, the tribe of Bubal with urine from cows – believed to drive mosquitos – cannot scare them away.

The disease progresses rapidly and leads to the fact that the skin becomes so coarse that men no longer feel their bodies. Eyewitnesses said that they could sit on their scrotum like on pillows.

Science point of view

Bubal tribe: a tribe of bad dancers with giant testicles

Italian scientists have carried out their analysis. It has been proved that cows’ discharge contains many vitamins B, E, and D, calcium, phosphorus, and iron.

Scientific research also confirms that in the human body, when the discharge from a cow is eating, hormonal disorders will subsequently begin to occur, which will cause the process of swelling of the scrotum to a gigantic size. But some researchers disapproved of the assumption and believed it caused by parasites.

Strange rituals of the Bubal tribe

Bubal tribe: a tribe of bad dancers with giant testicles
Bubal tribe men

The main wild habit is drinking and eating discharges of cows. Already as a toddler, boys lick the parts of a cow. It continues until complete puberty. Adults assure them that they will gain strong immunity and overgrow.

Also, all the members of the tribe use cow urine to wash. They do this regularly, thereby protecting themselves from blood-sucking insects because of ammonia in urine.

Africa has a vast number of them, and besides, they carry deadly diseases. The smell emanating from this tribe is bubbling, very harsh. It repels mosquitoes, but not all.

Finally, cow dung is dried up, then they make a powder out of it and cover their body with it. So to be protected from flies and avoid numerous infections.

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