Burkina Faso registers its first cases of Covid-19

Burkina Faso recorded the first two cases of coronavirus on Monday, the Minister of Health announced. The two infected people are Burkinabè nationals. It is a 73-year-old man and his 57-year-old wife who returned from a stay in France since February 24.

According to the Minister of Health, Claudine Lougué, the two infected people, stayed in Mulhouse in France on February 24, and it was Monday that the couple was diagnosed with coronavirus.

A third passenger on the same flight and relatives of the infected couple were placed under observation. The people suspected of having been in contact with them and those who worked with them or brought them to the hospital are all under scrutiny.

“When the couple was suspected, the people with whom they were in contact were sought and put under observation. Now that the results are positive, we are going to request them to be put in hospital isolation, for those who already show signs to take the samples,” said the minister.

In response to those who thought that the black man was naturally resistant to the virus, Claudine Lougué specifies that the cases are “Burkinabè, born Burkinabè and of black complexion”.

She ensures that the country has given itself the means to cope with the disease, stressing that laboratory analyzes are done on-site.

The third person was spotted using the airport surveillance device. The Minister of Health maintains that all those who have traveled on the plane are known and promises that they will all be confined to contain the spread.

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