Cameroon: A baby thief escapes from prison

Jocelyne Alabi Ngbwa is the young woman who was found guilty of stealing Vanessa Tchatchou’s baby.

The incident happened in October 2012. But since July 21, 2018, the latter cannot be found.

She no longer occupies her cell in Kondengui Central Prison and there is no news of her and prison officials say they do not understand how she could escape the vigilance of the guards.

Jocelyne Alabi Ngbwa was sentenced to 25 years in prison for aggravated abduction of a minor who resulted in death. If Jocelyne Alabi Ngbwa was not the young woman sentenced for the theft of Vanessa Tchatchou’s baby, the case would have gone unnoticed.

The facts go back to August 20, 2011 when Vanessa Tchatchou, 17, gave birth to a baby who must be placed in an incubator. A few hours after birth, the baby disappears and Vanessa decides not to leave her hospital bed till the bring back her child.

For nearly eight months, the girl insisted and claims her baby was kidnapped at the hospital gynaeco-obstetrics and paediatric, Ngousso. She was forcibly ejected on April 12, 2012 by the then newly appointed and current director of hospital training.

The voices raised against them about the incident, which lead to the arrest of three individuals, including Jocelyne Alabi Ngbwa, who claimed to have removed Vanessa’s baby from Ngousso’s gynaeco-obstetrics and paediatric hospital, with the complicity of Charles Abialina.

The young woman explained that she had taken the baby as proof of the pregnancy she had announced to her companion, Pamen Siranho.

Jocelyne Alabi Ngbwa said she had used a pregnancy to hold the attention of her lover, who seems to be moving away from her day by day, which brought the idea and deception that motivated the kidnapping of the baby. Finally, the woman claimed that the baby she stole died.

Vanessa Tchatchou remains convinced that her baby is still alive. The legal proceedings instituted at the time by his lawyer against a magistrate suspected of the theft of this new born remained unresolved.

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