Casey and Bear: Bear saved Casey(3) in the woods for two days

Casey, a three-year-old boy who survived two nights in a forest in freezing temperatures has been safely and surely recovered. The boy, Casey Hathaway from Craven in North Carolina, told the police and his family that he was “helped by a friendly bear”. The animal – whether or not a delusion – would have stayed with the child all the time.

Last Tuesday, the boy went missing in the woods of North Carolina after he was playing with two friends in the backyard of his grandmother in Enrul. The other children came in after playing, and there was no trace of Casey.

The police immediately took the disappearance – also in view of the very harsh weather conditions and the young age of the child – very seriously and put in great equipment to find the child. Due to the freezing temperatures, however, the search had to be stopped the same evening.

“Friendly bear with Casey”

But the Casey turned out to be in good hands – or better, legs – after all. In his own words, the child was taken under his care during the disappearance of a “friendly bear”, who would have taken care of him.

Eventually Casey was found Thursday night while it was caught in a few bushes with thorns. The forests of North Carolina are known to accommodate many black bears.


The Craven sheriff said that “Casey had a friend in the forest, a bear with him.” The Casey’s aunt also confirmed that the child was talking about a bear who would have stayed with him for two days. “God sent him a friend to make sure he was safe. God is good. The miracles are not yet out of the world.”

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