Caught with rocket launcher at airport: “souvenir from Kuwait”

The American security services were surprised when they caught a man at Baltimore airport with a rocket launcher in his luggage. And they probably looked even stranger when they heard his explanation: he had brought the weapon from Kuwait “as a souvenir”.

It was the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) – which oversees the safety of travelers in the United States – that announced the unusual news of rocket launcher.


The man concerned from Jacksonville, Texas was stopped at the Baltimore/Washington Thurgood Marschall Airport. After the discovery of the military weapon, the TSA brought in the airport police, who took the man for questioning.

Caught with rocket launcher at airport: “souvenir from Kuwait”
©Transport Security Administration

The man said he was in the army and came home from a mission in Kuwait. The rocket launcher was “a souvenir” he had brought with him.

The weapon was seized, but the man was allowed to continue his journey home later.

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