Celebrities call for justice for victim of police violence George Floyd

Celebrities from all over the entertainment sector have expressed their anger on social media over the past few days about the death of George Floyd. He fell victim to police brutality and was killed after an officer held his knee to the man’s neck for several minutes during an arrest. “I can’t breathe,” exclaimed the man then, and that now seems to have become the slogan for a massive appeal. “It is enough”, many celebs write.

The pitiful scene took place on Monday on the street of the American Minneapolis. Two officers received a call about a suspicious situation and went to have a look. “We found the man, who was probably under the influence, in the car,” said a police statement. “When he got out, he resisted. The police officers handcuffed him. Because he seemed medically ill, an ambulance was called.”

However, the heart of the matter was modestly kept silent. On (shocking) video images made by a passer-by, you can see how the black man is clamped to the ground for minutes.

The agent kept his knee on the neck of the suspect until he finally gives no sign of life. However, the victim had indicated several times that he was breathless. “Please, I can’t breathe,” he moaned several times. “My stomach hurts. My neck hurts. Everything hurts. I need water, please. Do not kill me.”

Passers-by also interfered with the situation. A woman noted that the handcuffed suspect had a nosebleed. Others pointed to the fact that far too much violence was used. “You already control him, he doesn’t even resist. At least let him breathe. He is also human. Your body language betrays that you enjoy this too much,” it said.

In the end, the officer was also told: “he killed that guy.” The FBI is now going to investigate the matter further.


Many prominent Hollywood figures express their anger at police brutality on social media. “THIS MUST STOP!”, Justin Bieber writes with the video.

“This makes me sick. It angers me that this man died. It makes me sad. Racism is evil. We have to use our voice, please people. I’m sorry, George Floyd.” And he’s not alone.

This is not okay. And it won’t stop until everyone recognizes this, especially white people. I said it before and will repeat it again: don’t let your discomfort around these problems stop you from taking it up for people who are at risk, Demi Lovato writes on Instagram. “Until this ends, the black community will continue to be in danger, and that includes you.”

Madonna, Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell, and countless others are also calling on their followers to make their voices heard. “This is what it means to be black in America,” said actress Viola Davis. “Killed for his skin color.”


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