Chef Kobe, a mysterious toddler with over 1 million followers

Chef Kobe, an adorable toddler who likes good food, put it in the kitchen with a camera on his funny face et voilà: the recipe for success.

1-year-old mini chef Kobe prepares delicious dishes on his Instagram profile, gaining more than a million followers. You can fully understand why.

You will be surprised how much a 1-year-old can already do in the kitchen. Little chef rolls out pizza dough, throws vegetables in the pan, stirs in the pots, and ensures perfect seasoning.

He is a chef of very few words, but his cheerful moaning and face say it all. Even when he secretly puts a finger in the sauce to taste. Or yes, not so quietly, because of course, you have to taste.

The reality, of course, is that the 1-year-old is getting help from his mom Ashley and dad Kyle. But thanks to clever video editing, it really looks like the toddler is making fantastic dishes on his own.

Kobe is also a crunch in pancakes.

With his red mini chef hat and shorts, he looks extra professional, and his happy smile when he can eat his creation at the end of the video is the icing on the cake. Not only does Chef Kobe make us truly hungry, but the mysterious toddler also makes us instantly happy.

Anyone craving pizza pepperoni?

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