Child reported missing joined in his own search alongside police

As comical as it may sound, one Jordanian child actively participated for hours, searching for another young person who was supposedly missing before finally realizing that it was him.

Indeed, his father had reported his disappearance to the police. A video of the scene was shared on social media.

The events took place in the ancient city of Jerash in northern Jordan. On Sunday, 7 February, a father who had not seen his son all day called the police and declared him missing.–%2F

The authorities immediately raised the alarm and mobilized units to search for him. With the help of the inhabitants of the old Hisba district, the latter could locate the child who had given them a nice surprise.

Own research

Indeed, having also learned of the police alert, he had accompanied the residents who had joined the officers, without realizing that he was the one in question.

After hours of effort in combing through every possible and imaginable place he could have gone, he finally realized that he was the one who was the subject of the alert.

So he reveals his identity to the police. The police tell everyone where he is, saying that he has been with them from the beginning.

A video showing the child surrounded by policemen and inhabitants showing their joy and astonishment was widely distributed on social networks.–%2F

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