China: A couple have no child for 4 years for this act

An unlikely story that says a lot about the sxz education system in China. A couple have tried and failed for four years to conceive a child, and it turns out they were making love in the wrong way.

According to a report by the Guiyang Evening Post, released earlier this year, a team of volunteer doctors visited various cities in Guizhou. During their stopover in the city of Bijie, a young married couple came from the countryside to meet an experienced obstetrician named Liu Hongmei, hoping she could help them with their business.

Liu said the husband was 26 years old and his wife was 24 years old, both in good health. And the couple told him that for four years they had been trying very hard to conceive a child, but without success, which was causing them considerable stress.

The woman admitted to Liu that the sxz was “exceptionally painful” for her, but that she had endured the pain to conceive a child.

After hearing this, Liu thought that the woman was suffering from a gynaecological disease. However, after an examination, she was rather surprised to learn that the woman was still a virgin.

Based on her years of experience, Liu then examined the woman’s anus, and to her surprise, she found that he could let three fingers pass at a time.

Later, Liu gave the couple helpful tips for the couple on how to conceive a child, giving them an informative sxz booklet before sending them back.

Apparently, the lesson had its effect when the couple notified him a few months later that the woman was pregnant, sending a live chicken and 100 eggs as a sign of thanks.

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