China aims to prevent the “feminization” of boys: it “endangers” nation’s “survival”

To prevent the next generation of men from becoming “too feminine”, the Chinese Ministry of Education has published a notice addressed to schools containing measures to be taken to reverse this trend.

The Chinese Ministry of Education has issued a notice aimed at countering the feminization of young boys. Entitled “Proposal to prevent the feminization of adolescent males”, the note urges schools to reform the supply of physical education, as well as to strengthen their recruitment of teachers.

Schools are encouraged to recruit retired sportsmen and “vigorously develop” certain sports such as football to “cultivate the masculinity” of boys.

A threat to the survival of the nation

Last May, a member of the Chinese government’s main advisory body, Si Zefu, said young Chinese men had become “weak, timid and submissive.”

According to him, if this “feminization” were not “effectively managed”, it “would inevitably endanger the survival and development of the Chinese nation”, reports the BBC.

Zefu blames this partly on the family environment where their mothers or grandmothers overwhelmingly raise boys, but also on the growing popularity of some male stars so that children no longer dream of becoming “army hero”.

Chinese Internet users are divided in this initiative’s face, several of them saying they are, however, angry on the social networks authorized in China.

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