China: Boy swallows 50 peppers in 68 seconds

We are now in the annual chili tasting contest in China. The competition is part of a chili festival organized for the second year in a row.

It takes place in an amusement park in Ningxiang, Hunan Province (center), known for its very spicy cuisine.

The winner, a boy named Tang Shuaihui, pocketed a 24-carat gold coin. He had to swallow 50 peppers, in 68 seconds!

The competition, which takes place under the supervision of several doctors, has seen the participation of several people. The principle was to swallow 50 peppers as quickly as possible.

Sitting in a pool filled with water and three tons of peppers, Mr. Tang finished his plate in 68 seconds under a choking temperature.

“He ate them at incredible speed. After the master of ceremonies had just finished talking,” said Sun Minying, an employee of the amusement park where the contest is being held.

The peppers floating in the pool were a much weaker variety than those swallowed during the contest, among other things to avoid any irritation of the skin of the participants.

In Hunan Province, the dishes are known to be very spicy. The chili festival lasts until the end of August. A tasting contest is organized each.

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