China is developing weapon that causes pain by invisible microwaves

The Chinese Institute of Radio Measurement in Beijing is developing a weapon that can send out microwaves that cause pain at the target. The effect would not be fatal but would be effective enough, for example, to temporarily switch off terrorists without permanently injuring them.

According to the reports by Global Times. The so-called ‘Microwave Active Denial System’ fires small microwaves that have an effect on the subcutaneous pain nerves of the target. That would cause the victim to experience sudden pain, says Mr. Su, a person in charge of the Chinese project in an interview with Global Times. In this way, enemies can temporarily be distracted or eliminated.

Not deadly

According to the tests, the weapon would be “very effective” but would not cause permanent damage. Moreover, it can be used in different ways. The waves can be aimed at individual body parts of one target, but also target a whole group of people. The weapon could be used for military applications, border surveillance or in the fight against terrorism, says Su. According to him, parties such as the Chinese police and the coast guard showed interest in buying the weapon.


In any case, the Chinese are not first with their pain cannon. A similar weapon, the ‘Active Denial System’ was developed in 2010 by the United States. It was used in the war in Afghanistan but was never used in the end.

The Chinese version of the weapon is said to be much lighter and smaller. For example, the system was already processed in a minivan with a satellite dish, so that the weapon can be moved quickly.

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