China has sold almost 4 billion face masks since March

Since the beginning of March, China has sold nearly four billion mouth masks to countries fighting the coronary pandemic. The authorities reported this on Sunday.

Despite the sharp decline in the number of infections in China, the communist regime in Beijing has urged companies to increase their production of medical equipment in order to increase exports to countries with shortages.

For example, since March 1, China has exported a total of 3.86 billion masks, 37.5 million protective clothing, 16,000 respirators, and 2.84 million corona test kits to more than 50 countries, customs officer Jin Hai said on Sunday. The value of these exports is estimated at 1.4 billion United States Dollar.

China has sold almost 4 billion face masks since March
AFP – Mouth Mask production company in China

In several countries, however, complaints also surfaced about the quality of the material supplied. Still, the stories about it “do not reflect all the facts,” said Jiang Ministry official of Commerce for Trade on Sunday.


“There are actually several factors, such as the fact that China has standards that are different from other countries, and other habits for using the material. Misuse can lead to doubts about the quality,” said Jiang Fan.

Nevertheless, Beijing has tightened standards in the meantime to ensure that export medical equipment complies with the rules in the country of final destination.

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