China hits US hard in UN: “Washington spreads political virus and disinformation”

In a session of the UN Security Council, China lashed out hard at the United States. “Enough is enough, you have already created enough problems for the world,” said Chinese UN Ambassador Zhang Jun, two days after President Trump sighed sharply against his country.

Trump said in a speech to the UN General Assembly that ‘that organization’ should hold the communist government in Beijing accountable for spreading the coronavirus around the world.

According to China, Washington is “spreading a political virus and disinformation. The US must understand that a superpower must act like a superpower and that blaming others does not help solve the problems,” said the ambassador. “Lying, cheating and stealing” is not helpful, he continued. According to him, the US is internationally “completely isolated. It’s time to wake up.”

The ambassador pointed to 200,000 corona deaths and nearly 7 million infections in the US, the highest in the world. He said if anyone should be held accountable, they are US politicians.

The US UN ambassador, Kelly Craft, spoke shame of the Chinese lashings. “I am dumbfounded and disgusted at the content of today’s discussion.”

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