China sentences journalist to 15 years in prison

A Chinese journalist has been sentenced to 15 years after being charged with criticizing the ruling Communist Party. That was announced in a statement by the court that issued the verdict.

Chen Jieren was sentenced by justice in Hunan Province for “provocation and causing trouble, racketeering, illegal business, and bribery.” He was also fined 7 million yuan (about 991, 000 United States Dollar).

Human rights organization CHRD called on Beijing in a statement to release the journalist immediately. “The severe sanction imposed on Mr. Chen gives a clear warning to independent bloggers and citizen journalists.”

According to CHRD, the Chinese used to work for the state newspaper People’s Daily, among others.

According to the organization for the protection of journalists CPJ, he kept a blog where he posted critical pieces about the Communist Party.

He is said to have been briefly arrested in 2018 after publishing an article accusing local officials of corruption.

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