China: To force his mother to stop talking, see what a man did [VIDEO]

A Chinese man was filmed trying to force his mother to eat grass, for her to shut up because she was quarreling with his wife.

After the publication of the video that sparked heated comments, he was forced to make a public apology after a village official told Chinese reporters that the woman was 80 years old and was suffering from Alzheimer.

The man was only identified by his last name, Liang.

Official Zhao Longcan said the incident occurred on July 13 after an argument over his mother’s house.

Zhao explained that as a result of the argument, he pushed some grass in her mouth “to force her to shut up,” according to KanKan News.

The village elders ordered him to write an apology and make it public.

The man wrote: “I forced my mother to eat grass because she was quarreling with my wife. Being a son, it was my fault. Please, do not like me. I’m sorry mother.”

A police investigation has been launched.

Watch the video below …

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