Coca-Cola pays scientists 8 million to polish up its image

The American soft drink producer Coca-Cola has spent 8 million euros in France alone on health experts and researchers to influence their results and thus put themselves in a good light.

A study by Le Monde shows that it was a question of Coca-Cola to minimize the effects of the sugared drink on health.

Since 2010, the company is said to have paid around eight million euros to various experts to publish articles that enhance its image.

That amount also includes the money that the company has spent on sponsoring sporting events. All this is to prevent the public from being discouraged from drinking soda.

A scientist states in a publication that there is no demonstrable link between a person’s drink and weight gain.

That Coca-Cola has become involved in science, yet the source of knowledge that consumers should be able to blindly rely on is bitter.

For example, an expert received two thousand euros for an article in which he minimizes the risks of the soft drink.

Fictional scientists

Do experts simply throw away their scientific integrity for some cash? Apparently, ONG Foodwatch, the French food watchdog, has published a list of activities published by Coca-Cola.

It mentions eighteen names that have been paid for incorrect information. And it doesn’t stop there, the list also contains fictional names.

Since the practices came out, the company has a new promising strategy: full transparency.

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