Cockfishing and 15 other dating terms that you may not know yet

Nowadays the camera’s of some phone new wide-angle lens is immensely popular but also allows people to use it to exaggerate the size of certain things. And by things we do mean their pen!s.

That phenomenon is, of course not new. Moreover, it has its name: cockfishing. The cockfish is loosely related to that other well-known term: catfishing and also works similarly. In catfishing, the perpetrator uses the mysterious slumber of the worldwide web to present himself differently from what he or she really is.

Where catfish is mainly about keeping the real identity hidden (often including real name, friends and financial status), cockfishing focuses solely on the different appearance of the pen!s. Cockfishes use smaller objects for this, which they place near their pen!s when they take a picture of it. Or do they get started with photoshop, with the sole purpose of making their member look as large as possible on a photo?

In addition to cat and cockfishing, there are also many other (less) well-known dating terms. We are happy to list them for you so that you can spot them in no time.

Breadcrumbs: Give small crumbs (breadcrumbs) information to another person to arouse his or her interest. When breadcrumbing, you send the other party a whole series of messages that may be interesting, but do not lead to a real date.

Caspersen: Yes, that of ‘Casper the friendly ghost’. Who Caspert is partly guilty of ghosting, but gives the counterparty a thorough explanation in advance about why he or she breaks all communication.

Firedooring: You are as it were along one side of a fire door (firedoor) and therefore always have to wait for your partner or crush to contact you. When you first call, e-mail or send him or her a message, you will hardly ever receive a response.

Cuffing Season: the cold autumn and winter months, in which you get the feeling that you want to have a relationship and want to be half a couple.

Flashpanner: Someone who is addicted to the exciting, loving feeling that accompanies the start of a new relationship, but cannot handle the difficult parts that follow. So don’t count on a flashpanner ever meeting your parents or making your relationship Facebook official.

Gatsbying: Post a video, photo or selfie on social media just for the person you are interested in to see it.

Ghosten: Break all forms of communication from one day to the next, and not give a single word of explanation about it.

Kittenfishing: Those who use kittenfish use pictures of themselves, but specimens that can be very misleading. Consider particularly flattering snapshots of your younger self, or photos with so many Instagram or snapchat filters that you are hardly recognizable. Whoever kittenfishes is often not entirely honest about age, height and interests.

Lovebomben: Overloading someone with attention, affection and presents to distract him or her from your less pleasant sides. In extreme cases, love bombs can be the start of a violent relationship

Microcheating: Cheating on your partner without physically breaking the line. So think of emotional fraud or send sexually motivated messages to someone else.

Orbiting: Viewing the Instagram stories of your ex, liking his or her photos, or commenting on a post on Facebook after your breakup. In general: stay in his or her immediate neighborhood, even if you no longer have a relationship.

Paper clips: When someone pops up again and again and reminds them of his or her existence, so that you never get the chance to get over your break completely.

Scroogeing: Dumping someone just before the holidays, so you don’t have to buy him or her a present. Based on the Scrooge character from the movie of the same name.

Submarineing: When someone turns up your ghost. But suddenly out of nowhere (like a submarine) and acts like nothing ever happened.

Pisces: When someone sends a message to a lot of people, to see who is interested in doing something (sexual). He or she sends the same message to a host of potential partners, and then chooses the person who most appeals to him or her at that time.

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