Colored nose is a new beauty trend [Photos]

When we make up our faces, we pay particular attention to our eyes and lips. The nose is at most a little touched. But to keep morale high during quarantine, many people stir up their creativity. In the case of make-up artists, this translates into… colored noses.

You won’t see them on the street yet, but on Instagram they often pass by: people who put their noses in the spotlight! Literally. They provide it with a bright colour, glitter or a drawing. Very striking, but not clownish.

The international make-up artists that go with the cap will not immediately try this trend. They are mainly professional make-up artists and the so-called e-girls who are fans.

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E-girls is an abbreviation for the name ‘electronic girls’, or teenagers who spend a lot of time on the internet, and especially the immensely popular TikTok.

They are easy to recognize because they like to wear wigs in striking colors and bright make-up. Since recently they also have a colored nose.

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