Mother bakes cake for her son, but she did not expect these reactions

A British mother wanted to exhort her son in an appropriate way because he was going to study at the university. The message on her cake was well meant, but some internauts thought otherwise.

A photo of the colourful pastry with the text ‘Good luck at the university’ was shared on ‘Reddit’, where the reactions did not go wrong.

Many appreciated the sweet gesture of the woman. “Everything I got from my mother back then was a kettle and a pack of condoms. Never used either.”

Not everyone thought the text on the cake was so innocent. “Good luck @Uni” was written in English. However, they read the message as follows: “Good luck cunt” (Good luck smeerlap).

Someone wrote: “Who is calling her son a bastard now?”

To which another internaut answered with a joke: “Someone who is happy that her child finally leaves the house after eighteen long years.”

“Absolutely brilliant this, when you say ‘Good luck at the university’, while your heart says ‘My house out of bastard’.”

Source: Reddit

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