Confrontations between ‘migrant caravans’ and police at the Mexican border

A man from Honduras died from his injuries, after it has been confronted in Tecun Uman, the town on the border between Guatemala and Mexico, between the police and a caravan of Central American migrants on their way to the US. According to the statements from the authorities.

The Guatemala fire service confirmed the death of the 26-year-old man. He suffered a head injury from a rubber bullet and died in a hospital in Tecun Uman.


It is unclear who exactly is responsible for the rubber ball. Possibly the man was injured during a confrontation with the Guatemalan police in Tecun Uman. But it may also be that the Mexican police fired the fatal bullet when the caravan wanted to cross the Puente Rodolfo Robles.

“Different people” received medical care after being injured by “different objects and tear gas,” the Red Cross of Guatemala said on Twitter. According to local reports, ten people were injured in the violence, both by police and by migrants.

The migrants on their way to the US are estimated to be between 1,500 and 2,000. They managed to reach the Mexican border, where some people applied for asylum. Others caused riots when they demanded to be allowed through.

It is already the second migrant caravan to reach Mexico since they left Honduras on 17 October. The first left on October 13 and now travels through the North American country. The migrants hope to reach the US and apply for asylum.

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