Congolese lady dies of Coronavirus after man spits on her

A Congolese employee of the British railway died from the Coronavirus pandemic after a man spat on her. The facts would have taken place in a station on March 22, the day before the announcement of the lockdown.

According to different sources, the lady named Belli Munginga, a 47-year-old Congolese woman was in the hall of London’s Victoria station with a colleague when they were accosted by a stranger who spits on them. Before carrying out the act, their attacker claimed to have the coronavirus.

After these events, the two women fell ill, and Belli Muginga, who suffered from respiratory disease, died two weeks later in hospital.

According to the information from BBC news, Belli Munginga, mother of a daughter, had lived in Great Britain for 20 years. The aggressor hasn’t been found, and an investigation is said to have been opened to locate the culprit.

Belli Munginga
©Family handout/PA – Belli Munginga

Following the incident, during a parliamentary assembly, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson was “shocked” by this strange news. He sent his condolences as well as those of the room to all his biological family and his colleagues.

Belli Munginga’s family has called for justice to be done so that others do not suffer the same fate.

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