Corona hits mercilessly hard in American family: 4 dead and 3 sick

The pandemic coronavirus has mercilessly hit this week in an American family. A mother (73) and three of her adult children became infected and died shortly after each other. Family members are baffled and appeal to other Americans. “Cherish every second and minute you have together.”

73-year-old Grace Fusco and three of her adult children died from the effects of the coronavirus after attending a large family gathering. Three of the eight surviving siblings were also infected and are currently under quarantine in the hospital. Nearly twenty family members are now in-home quarantine and waiting for the results to show whether they are also infected with the virus.

Rita Fusco-Jackson, a 55-year-old Catholic school teacher, died last Friday and is the family’s youngest fatality victim. She had no underlying health problems but was severely weakened by the coronavirus in no time.


Her brother Carmine Fusco died on Wednesday, followed hours later by his mother, Grace Fusco. According to the New York Times, Grace Fusco died without knowing that two of her children had already died of the deadly virus. Her son Vincent Fusco died on Thursday in the same hospital where his mother had died, bringing the count to four.

According to family member Paradiso Fodera, approximately twenty family members who attended the same dinner are now in-home quarantine and have been waiting for the results of the study for almost a week. “Why are the non-hospitalized family members still not receiving the test results? This is a public health crisis,” Fodera complains to CNN. “Why should athletes and celebrities without symptoms take precedence over a family decimated by this virus? This is an unbearable tragedy for us.”


A Fusco-Jackson cousin can barely comprehend it all. She wrote her grief away in a heartbreaking account on Facebook. “Last Thursday, I went to sleep with ten aunts and uncles. A day later, I woke up to find that I only had nine. A few minutes ago, I found out I only have 8,” she writes. “Cherish every second and minute you have together.”

A fundraiser on the internet has already yielded half a ton. Allen Zak, the creator of the fundraiser, said the campaign is intended to cover medical and funeral expenses, as well as future financial hardships.

“This is a family that was always ready for other people. Now they need us to be there for them. The Fusco family needs your thoughts and prayers in these difficult times, and any donation is greatly appreciated.”

Victims in the US

The coronavirus, meanwhile, has been diagnosed in all fifty states of the United States. West Virginia was the only state that was lung virus free until recently, but that changed this week.

The number of people infected with the coronavirus in the US is now well above 6,000. Over a hundred Americans have since died of its effects.

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