Couple shamelessly having fun at ATM center [Video]

The users of social networks do not forgive anything, and this time they showed a couple having privacy in the least expected public place: ATM at Santander, in Mexico.

It turns out that the web circulates images of a couple who are believed to be in a state of drunkenness having relationships in broad daylight and in front of people. In the video you can see the couple lying on the floor. Clearly having pleasure inside a branch of Santander ATMs.

Someone who visited the place saw them. Captured the moment and did not miss the opportunity to show them on social networks. So far, we do not have more information about the couple. But surely, they die of grief or maybe not, because they are now extremely popular on the web.

Users of social networks, seeing the image, could not avoid expressing their opinion; some were offended, while others took advantage of the rogue comments: “Haha I paid him with card and he had no funds! Then she said – join me to the cashier and then clear accounts, long friendships”; “That hurts real shame”; “And drunk! that knew nothing!”; “Drunks… everything they invent…” [sic].

To see the video, click here.

This is not the first time they exhibit people having privacy in public places; Last September a video of a couple was also circulated with the quickie in a McDonald’s branch. On that occasion the lovers seemed to be in their five senses, but perhaps they enjoy the strong emotions.

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