Covid-19: Ministry of Health asks Kylie Jenner and co for help

The head of the U.S. federal public health service, Jerome Adams, has asked Kylie Jenner, 22, and a few other key influencers to help explain the danger of the coronavirus. According to Adams, many Americans, especially young people, are still unaware of the fact that this virus is very deadly.

“It’s very important that influential influencers like Kylie Kenner, as well as basketball players Kevin Durant (31) and Donovan Mitchell (23), speak out about what’s going on in the world right now. They must make it clear to their followers that this is ‘serious shit’. So no ordinary flu, but a virus that many people have died of now,” says Adams.

He continues: “The group we are trying to reach is a very difficult one,” it refers to young people under thirty. “The more we say that they have to distance themselves socially from each other, the more they draw towards each other and think: who does what to us? Through important influencers, we hope to make them feel what it would be like if they concerned their grandparents. Because who wants to be responsible for a grandparent’s death because you only thought of yourself?”

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner heard that message loud and clear. She previously posted several times on social media that it was better to stay indoors, and also made a long video on her Instagram Stories shortly after Adams’s call, explaining very clearly that the coronavirus is no joke. “I heard Doctor Adams on the radio this morning, and he encouraged me to talk to you today.”

“As millennials, we are not immune to the coronavirus,” she warns. “Don’t get caught up in that. Young people can also become very ill, and we also have to protect others. If you still live with your parents, don’t you want to make them sick? There is currently no single medicine. Take it from me: stay at home and make puzzles, that’s what I’m doing.”

Jenner became the mother of her daughter Stormi Webster on February 1, 2018, of which rapper Travis Scott is the father. The reality star then hid her pregnancy from the outside world and secluded for nine months. “I must now think back to that period. I was at home for months and can now handle this situation well,” says Kylie. Jenner and her daughter spend their time, among other things, watching the children’s films ‘Frozen 2’ and ‘Trolls’, she believes.

Millions of followers

That Jenner makes her voice heard about the corona crisis is a good thing, because the young woman has no fewer than 166 million followers on Instagram. Not only Jenner but also many other celebs and influencers shout from the rooftops that their followers have to stay indoors. Ariana Grande (26) and Taylor Swift (30), among others, have already made themselves heard. “Young people listen to their peers, these people they look up to,” said Jerome Adams. “The more they address them about the problem, the better.”

Covid-19: Ministry of Health asks Kylie Jenner and co for help
©Instagram – Kylie Jenner daily reminder
Covid-19: Ministry of Health asks Kylie Jenner and co for help
©Instagram – Kylie Jenner on day 8

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