Daniel Correa Freitas murdered horribly just after he had sent these photos

Brazil has been captivated for several days by the horrible murder of Daniel Correa Freitas, a 24-year-old attacking midfielder from Sao Paulo. The investigation is ongoing, but for the death of Daniel three people are currently stuck: businessman Adison Brittes, the alleged perpetrator, his wife Cristiana, who was asleep in bed when the footballer made selfies with her just before the murder, and their 18-year-old daughter Allana, at whose birthday party Daniel was invited the evening of the facts.

The footballer’s body was found in the Brazilian city of Sao Jose dos Pinhais, in the southern state of Parana, in horrible condition: half decapitated, two deep cuts in the neck and cut genitals. After a party in a nightclub, Daniel, a good friend of Allana, would be invited to celebrate her eighteenth birthday on the domain of her parents. After which it failed thoroughly. According to Adison Brittes (38), the footballer tried to rape his wife. “In my bedroom I found Daniel naked on my wife’s body,” the businessman explained on Brazilian television.

©EPA-Daniel Correa Freitas in the shirt of Sao Paulo on 30 October.

“She screamed and called for help. What I did next was what every man would do because the woman who lay there was not only my wife but every Brazilian woman. It could have been your daughter, your sister, mother or wife. At that moment it was my wife Cris, with whom I was married for twenty years. I now hear all kinds of rumours of which nothing is right. So, my wife, or even my daughter, would have had something with Daniel. The truth will come to light. I know what I did: defend the moral integrity of my family. By throwing that filthy monster on the ground and putting an end to the rape.”

©EPA-Daniel’s body was found gruesomely wounded.

Friends of Edison have allegedly tried to stop him but would not have succeeded because the man was too angry. What does not plead for Edison: from a telephone conversation of the businessman a bit later, he told about the facts but never mentioned a rape. “He liked my daughter and came from afar to attend her party. Daniel went out completely drunk, he could barely stand on his feet,” he said in that news medium UOL won conversation about the footballer. “Then no one knows what happened to him. But you know how big my domain is.”


In the meantime, some pictures have been published and text messages that Daniel had made just before his death. It shows how he lies in bed with the sleeping, or unconscious, mother. “I’m going to devour the mama of the girl,” he sent to a friend. To which he answered: “Is she sleeping? You’re going to be thrown out of the house. He’s going to take a good graze.”

Allana told the police about the facts that she heard loud screams from her parents’ bedroom and that Daniel did not say anything when he was caught. She confirms that she had met the footballer a year ago, but they would never have had a relationship.

The training of Sao Paulo started last week with a minute’s silence for Daniel and also Botafogo, an ex-club of the player, expressed all her sympathy.

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