Deadly Merapi volcano erupts in Indonesia

The most active volcano in Indonesia, the Merapi, has erupted today. The volcano on the island of Java spewed an ash cloud that reached a height of 6 kilometers. Part of the area around the Merapi is covered with ash.

The Java authorities have not yet scaled up the threat level. However, a nearby airport, Adisumarmo International Airport, is closed. People also have to stay at least 3 kilometers away from the volcano.

Deadly Merapi volcano erupts in Indonesia

“There was thunderous roar for five minutes,” said a man who lives near the volcano. “I could see the ash clouds from my house.”


In 2010, when the Merapi also erupted, things went wrong. More than 350 people were killed by the eruption. It was the most powerful eruption of the volcano since 1930 when 1300 people died. In yet another explosion, in 1994, 60 people died.

Indonesia, which consists of around 17,000 islands, has a total of 130 active volcanoes.

Deadly Merapi volcano erupts in Indonesia
Deadly Merapi volcano erupts in Indonesia

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