Deadly selfie: woman (27) falls from 30-meter high cliff while taking photo

A 27-year-old woman died after falling off a cliff in the eastern part of Sydney. The emergency services were still trying to save the woman, but that was in vain. According to eyewitnesses, the victim was taking a selfie when she fell down.

At 11.20 am local time, the emergency services of Sydney were notified that a woman had fallen 30 meters down. The fatal incident happened in Diamond Bay, according to the British newspaper ‘The Guardian’, a popular place to take a selfie. The rescue team attempted to resuscitate the victim, but without result. The woman died on the spot.

Several people who saw the accident happened told the police that the woman was taking pictures when she crashed. More details about the exact circumstances in which the 20s died are unknown. The police haven’t released the victim’s identity.

Tourists regularly risk their lives to take a picture on the popular cliff in the Diamond Bay Reserve, as the Australian authorities reported earlier. On social media, there are several pictures showing how Daredevil balancing on the edge of the cliff for the perfect picture.

A study published in the ‘Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care’ last year shows that the list of fatalities caused by selfies gets bigger and increases every year. The researchers recorded a total of 259 selfie deaths for the 2011-2017 period. If there were only 13 in 2014, that number would already have risen to 98 in 2016. “Risking our lives for a punitive photo: it’s in our DNA,” researchers found.

The Guardian, The Sydney Morning Herald
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