Demon of the Indian roads

The road, at all times, was something significant and mysterious. Many different incidents occur on the road with travelers. Even the demon of the Indian roads!

Sometimes these events are interesting, pleasant meetings, new amazing acquaintances, in other cases – something unpleasant, dangerous, life-threatening, causing harm. And in our time, the road, even a modern and smooth highway remains a dangerous place, and at times even deadly, and now it’s not just about accidents…

Those who travel a lot on the roads, not to mention those who travel on foot, have many stories of strange encounters and phenomena.

In 2004, an Indian man and a woman rode a motorcycle home from a relative’s wedding. The road they had to take was dangerous enough in itself: running along the edge of a deep ravine, uneven, winding, and without streetlights.

Suddenly, the light of the headlight showed a pale and very thin figure. The driver did not even have time to react, as the motorcycle suddenly stalled…

The strange traveler was tall and stood motionless. For some time, the passengers looked at the night stranger, who continued to stand motionless. And suddenly, his face flashed – in the truest sense of the word, according to the female passenger – huge fangs.

Terrified, the man started the engine, and they sped away…

The woman is sure that they met a bekoda, which means “demon” in the local language. But this demon is very specific, close to the European werewolf, and able to change shape. He is looking for the weak and innocent in order to master their will.

He usually has an intimidating face, strange body proportions, and can develop incredible speed while stalking his prey. The woman said that when they were already leaving the meeting place, she saw the creature cross the road with a cruel smirk on its face.

Such a demon is considered by the locals to be one of the most dangerous supernatural beings that can be found. He usually lives near desert roads, waiting for lost travelers. He especially likes the crossroads of such paths, on which few people can be met in the dark.

Today, judging by this and similar stories, he has mastered modern technology and can interfere with the operation of the mechanisms of cars and motorcycles.

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