From ‘Dirty Dancing’ to ‘Footloose’: 10 most iconic dance films ever

Who at the first notes of ‘(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life’ spontaneously receives visions from Patrick Swayze who lifts Jennifer Gray in the air: you are not alone. ‘Dirty Dancing’ appears to be the most iconic dance film ever.

According to a survey by Dance Direct, a brand of dance material. They sent out questionnaires and searched for the favorite dance films of the British. And strikingly enough, they are mainly ‘classics’: the most recent film in the list is ‘Step Up’ from 2006. Films like ‘La La Land’ are nowhere to be found. “Films like ‘The Greatest Showman have put dance back in the foreground,’” said the company spokesperson. “But for the time being, they have no lasting impact.”

‘Dirty Dancing,’ and especially the iconic elevator, will start with the main prize. The dance moves of John Travolta are on two, followed by ‘Singin’ In The Rain’, ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and ‘Footloose’. Below you can see the complete top 10 again.

The most iconic dance films

1Dirty Dancing 1987
3Singin’ In the Rain1952
4Saturday Night Fever1978
7Pulp Fiction1994
8West Side Story1961
9Step Up2006
10The Breakfast Club1985
From 'Dirty Dancing' to 'Footloose': 10 most iconic dance films ever

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