Do gods hide behind the Sun and hiding behind the Moon as a shield?

Many ufologists believe that the presence of numerous UFOs and aliens on our planet is associated with some universal tasks that we have not yet been able to understand.

Some researchers believe that aliens are friendly to us, others are hostile, and still, others are in two ways, since representatives of several extraterrestrial concessions are present on Earth. So far, there is only one thing that unites them – they do not want (or cannot) enter into direct contact with us, although there is evidence that contacts with the governments of the leading powers already exist.

The question is: why such an interest in our planet, because the location of the solar system in the universe, according to astronomers, is far from the most attractive? Although these conclusions may be erroneous.

According to secret data leaked on the Internet, aliens never travel the universe the way we imagine it, that is, overcoming vast cosmic distances. To do this, there are special portals of instantaneous movement, or rather, a network of such portals. And in this network of time-spatial portals, our solar system is a kind of “silk road”, very attractive for many extraterrestrial civilizations.

Is the Moon a ship or a base?

The closest to Earth and the most likely places where aliens can be based is the far side of the Sun and the Moon, although it is possible that their ships and bases are everywhere, say, on Mars, Venus, and so on.

If we consider the Moon, but it is more suitable for these purposes because it even looks like a huge alien ship or an artificially created base in all respects. Firstly, it has an ideally round shape, unrealistic for a satellite. Secondly, its soil is different from the Earth, which is also unnatural. Thirdly, studies of this soil have shown that the Moon is much younger than the Earth, it is no coincidence that there is no mention of it in ancient sources.

Invasion of alien spaceships under the sky at sunset. Old style film photography image.

Ufologists are constantly inclined to think that the Moon is either a ship or an alien base. This was indirectly confirmed by the American astronauts who landed on the Earth’s satellite. Having landed on the Moon, they saw many UFOs and even entire space portals. Later, all the video materials were classified. A video of the landing on the Moon, filmed in Hollywood, was edited for earthlings, which caused so much controversy and doubts about whether the Americans were there.

It is noteworthy that after the first landing of Americans on the Moon, both the USA and the USSR suddenly cooled off towards the “natural” satellite of the Earth. Moreover, now there seem to be all the technologies for conquering the Moon, creating a transhipment base there for further advancement into space, but all attempts by scientists to advance in this direction seem to be stopped by someone.

This suggests that the aliens have been cooperating with the leadership of the great powers for a long time, controlling space developments on our planet and the interest of earthlings in UFOs. For this reason, everything related to this topic is strictly classified, and scientists who are too interested in ufology are under the supervision of special services and often simply disappear without a trace.

What is behind the Sun?

Since ancient times, people believed that the gods (and for them, the aliens were gods) come from the Sun. Most likely, this is due to the fact that just behind our star, there are other alien bases. The fact is that the Sun, compared to the Earth, is very large, it is like a huge apple and a small poppy seed. Therefore, we cannot see through any of the telescopes, and therefore know what is behind the Sun. Behind it, astronomers say, there is a planet very similar to the Earth, which is constantly hidden from our eyes by a huge luminary.

Of course, earthlings are not yet able to send a space expedition to test this, although there is an opinion that such technologies already exist, again, someone does not allow them to be used. And who, if not the aliens themselves, for whom our knowledge of their bases, and even more so of entire planets inhabited by a different mind, is completely useless.

Astronomers, thanks to calculations, for example, by changes in the strength of magnetic bonds that fix devices, are sure that there is a twin of the Earth behind the Sun, and that it has approximately the same conditions for life as on our planet. And if so, why haven’t our planets made contact yet?

Ufologists are sure that it is on that planet that one should look for the main place of basing of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. And most likely, there are quite a lot of them, much more than we can even imagine.

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